Forever. Floating. Forever.

by The Flesh, Full of Black Sand

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"We are floating, just above the Earth's surface as it slides around on it's pole. Our feet dangle inches from the ground and as it moves, we stay still. Floating through buildings and mountains with only one sentence ever uttered to one another: 'The Earth is Moving Without Us.'

One day, the Earth finishes it's pole sliding and becomes nothingness, and we remain floating amidst burnt out stars and gargantuan celestial bodies. Everything continues moving without us, forever."

Recorded in early June 2015.

The dialogue was inspired by a dream I had a few days before these two pieces were recorded.

You can buy the cassette tape here:


released February 10, 2016




The Flesh, Full of Black Sand Willis, Texas

Minimalistic droning dark ambient created by Dakota Snaketail.

Listen with headphones while you're falling asleep.

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